Modest Swimwear: Sustainable Fashion for Performance and Durability

Modest Swimwear: Sustainable Fashion for Performance and Durability

Our designs are built with performance, durability, and sustainability in mind.

Finding swimwear that is modest, high-quality, fashionable and sustainable can be quite difficult…sometimes impossible for women to find. Protecting our oceans is paramount to us, and we want our future generations to continue to enjoy the beautiful oceans. That is why we continue to do our part by utilizing sustainable fabric, made from recycled fish nets to revolutionize modest swimwear. More than 640,000 tonnes of nets and traps used in fishing are dumped in the sea every year, this is the same weight as 55,000 double-decker buses. Abandoned fishing gear is currently one of the leading causes of death for the marine life in our oceans. 

Fish nets also pose a huge risk for entanglement and is one of the most significant sources of large-scale ocean plastic pollution. The abandoned fish nets can travel through the ocean for decades entangling any marine animals encountered in its path. 

“Good design is sustainable design” - Imran Ahmed

We aim to do our part in keeping our oceans and seas healthy, as they are essential to our existence. When you’re wearing one of our modest swimsuits, know that you are helping our planet in a small, yet very impactful way. We must all do our part so that our future generations can continue to enjoy swimming in our beautiful oceans, just as we do.